KFC VS Wendy’s

KFC VS Wendy’s

KFC and Wendy’s are very well known fast food branches, especially in the U.S. By now both branches of fast food are internationally known. Each has its own unique menu with differing qualities. The big question on everyone’s mind, however, is which of these two fast food branches is better?

Menu Differences and Growth

KFC, or Kentucky Fried chicken is best known for their fried chicken, hence the name! Wendy’s on the other hand is more renowned for its choice of burgers. However, both fast food branches have burgers and chicken on their respective menus. Based on reviews, KFC had been more popular than Wendy’s for some time, mainly because it was founded earlier. However since Wendy’s became an international fast food branch alongside KFC the popularity of Wendy’s has been growing at a faster rate than KFC. By now, Wendy’s is rated higher than KFC by quite a wide margin! There are even some countries that have rated Wendy’s chicken as 20-30% better than KFCs! As for burgers, Wendy’s wins hands down. There are very few countries that regard KFC burgers as better than Wendy’s burgers.

Wendy’s Saved KFC?

Many lean toward Wendy’s because of the relationship between the founders of the two fast foods branches as well. The founder of Wendy’s, Dave Thomas, was put in charge of four of Colonel Sanders’ KFC fast food restaurants. After changing and simplifying the colonel’s menu, the four KFC fast food restaurants under Dave Thomas became far more successful. It was after this event, that he founded the Wendy’s fast food branch.

Food Quality Issues

You would be surprised how many one star reviews KFC gets based purely on the quality of their food. Both fast food branches cook oily food, quite often deep fried. The difference between the two, however, is that KFC’s chicken is often found to still have oil dripping out of it! Tens of thousands of people have complained about minor digestive issues after consuming KFC food, whether it was their chicken or their burgers. Yes, they are fast food restaurants; but even a fast food restaurant should learn to drain their oil! This reason alone could be the key difference between Wendy’s and KFC that is leaving KFC behind!

Who Won

Based on the evidence at hand, Wendy’s wins the popularity vote! Their burgers are much nicer, their chicken is less oily, and they have more variety of foods. KFC has been around much longer than Wendy’s, but it seems that they have not been able to adapt to the times as well as Wendy’s has. No matter what country it is in, Wendy’s has something that the people there enjoy. KFC is still a strong successful fast food business; but unfortunately for them, Wendy’s has left them far behind! When it comes down to it, it’s a matter of personal taste, but it seems as though the majority of personal taste leans toward Wendy’s. Good on them!

Food Catering in Singapore

Food Catering in Singapore/ Secrets Shared by QQ Catering

Trying to open your own food catering business in Singapore? Caterers of this modern day make it look easier; I assure you it is not! If you’re really set on food catering in Singapore, then you’re in for a treat today! A very successful catering business, QQ Catering, has very generously shared some of their secrets for how to be a successful catering business. Follow their steps and who knows? You may end up being as successful as they are! Perhaps even more!

Food Quality/ It has to Taste Good!

QQ Catering informs us that the most important first step is to make sure your food has high quality. If your food is bad, then it doesn’t matter how well you plan out your business; no one is going to want to pay for bad food! Not only do the ingredients you use have to be grown and cared for perfectly, but your cooking has to be as efficient and professional as possible! Do not use chemicals or steroids of any kind on your vegetables and meats; everything should be natural and fresh. On top of this, your recipes should be both unique and produce a high quality dish. Accomplishing this will bring you past the first test of being a successful food catering service!

qq food catering


Variety is Essential

chickenYour menu should contain a large number of options. If you are working in a restaurant or a café, you would need to keep your menu relatively short so that you could keep up with orders. For a catering service, however, it is required of you that you have enough unique variety in order to attract enough customers. Because your staff will have much more time than a restaurant, they will be perfectly capable of cooking many different dishes in time for whatever event it is for. Your menu should have deals that allow a customer to either choose from a buffet pack or service pack of some kind, allowing them to make a quick purchase of the varieties you have to offer. On the other hand, you should also have a customizable section that allows a customer to construct their own list of the various plates they wish to purchase. You must make sure to accommodate for both kinds of people; those that prefer convenience and swiftness as well as those who prefer precision in the choices they make. Either way, you can keep both people happy!

Watch Your Aesthetics

Not only must your food taste great, but it must also look absolutely astonishing! Nothing but perfectly plated dishes should be seen by your customers. When the lids are removed from the various dishes that were ordered, a resounding “Wow!” should be heard from all present. If your dishes all look like the sort of dish you would expect in a regular home, then your staff haven’t done their job right! (Or haven’t been informed of what their job entails) Whether you are serving an outside naturistic venue, or a fancy ballroom, your plates should be set up in such a way that their aesthetic complements the place that they are being served. Do this and we guarantee your reputation will grow!

Instant Service is Key

Service is of vital importance to your business. Most customers will remember the first and last detail of their business with you. If their last detail is being told by one of your servicemen or women that it isn’t part of their job to set the food up the exact way the customer asked, you will get some shocking reviews; those reviews will only grow into more and more reviews as time goes on. All aspects of service should be about the customer. When the customer orders their food, they should have instant service, whether they order by phone or online. After this if they need to make any last minute changes are add on any special requirements, they should have the number of your company which should have someone ready and waiting to pick it up should the need arise at any moment. Instant service is the key! As long as your customers know that you are there to make them happy and do whatever will give them the least stress, you can beat that they will come back for more! This is how you can have a successful catering sg, in Singapore!