Choosing the Best Finger Food Catering

Choosing the Best Finger Food Catering

Finger foods for babies are special made meals that your baby can pick up and eat without the need of spoons. Finger foods give the benefit of being able to train your baby to be more independent as they transition from being spoon fed to self-feeding. Every baby will come to a point in their young life when they want to start doing some things for themselves, and this is exactly the time to start introducing solids to their daily diet.

Here are some great selections that you can get your baby started on:

Small slices of carrot sticks and cucumber slices, small and soft bread sticks, raisins, fine slices of apple, mangoes and bananas, tomatoes cut in half and orange sections are the best introductory food for your baby.

However, there are several things that you should know about before you choose your finger food catering. The menu selection, the budget and the style of your function are all important factors to consider when making your choice

Menu Selection

Menu Selection is probably the most important factor when choosing a good finger food caterer. Make sure that you only use a catering company that only uses great quality produce. This is important because the quality of ingredients affects the quality of the catering. For example, a great quality piece of organic, local fresh fillet steak doesn’t need all the bells and whistles that certain chef’s tend to put with them. If your caterer is using the best ingredients then all it needs is a simple seasoning and a great quality garnish. However, if your caterer is using substandard produce, then they may try to disguise the flavor and texture by putting overpowering ingredients with them.

Make sure that your finger food catering company only use good quality, trained and/or qualified staff. As mentioned above, if a good quality catering company uses good quality ingredients, then it really needs to be cooked properly by good quality staff members. It really doesn’t matter how good the raw ingredients are, if the catering company send out an inexperienced staff member to cook it.


It is perfectly acceptable to negotiate with your caterer on price, especially if you have guest numbers that total over 100 guests. However, you should be conscious of price, but not let it be the only deciding factor in choosing your finger food catering. The best caterers invest a lot of time and passion into their food and menus and subsequently they might not take kindly to you telling them that you can get it fifty cents cheaper down the road. If your caterer is prepared to move a little on the price, then you should be prepared to move a little also.

Weigh all of the different factors up when making your choices. Gather good quality information including menus, quotes and inclusions from three of the best caterers within your budget and compare then to each other. Typical questions you should ask yourself are:

Do they all include the same things? Staff, equipment and tax might all be an extra cost. Do they all use the best ingredients? Are you getting the best value for money? Do they use the best staff?

By following the guidelines in this article, you will find it a lot easier to come to a decision on the best finger food catering.

5 Healthy Fast Food Options

5 Healthy Fast Food Options

Going to a fast food restaurant doesn’t mean you have to ruin your diet. Ever since the low carb diet craze, fast food restaurants have quickly started adding healthy options to their menu.

So when you’re in a hurry, below are a few healthy options you can grab away from home:

1. Subway

It’s one of the very well-known in regards to healthy fast food options. They have numerous choices that are less than 300 calories, including the 6-inch Ham Sub, The Honey Mustard Turkey with Cucumber, Roast Beef, The Subway Club, Turkey Breast, and the Veggie Delight.

Just be careful when adding those toppings that can really crank up the calories if you’re not careful.

2. Chick-fil-A

America’s favorite chicken and waffle fries may also be the waistline’s biggest enemy. But we found that Chick-fil-A actually has many healthy alternatives on their menu.

Some examples include the Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich, coming in at just 280 calories. The Chargrilled Chicken Club Sandwich with 360 calories. They likewise have a tasty Chargrilled Chicken Garden Salad with 180 calories, which you may top of with Fat Free Honey Mustard, Light Italian, or Reduced Fat Raspberry Vinaigrette.

And finally, Chick-fil-A also offers some healthy wraps on their menu. The Spicy Chicken Cool Wrap comes in at 390 calories combined with the Chargrilled Chicken Cool Wrap.

3. Quiznos Option A

Harvest Chicken Salad. If you should be on a diet just cancel the dried cranberries or “fish them out” as you eat.

Option B: Go with the Caprese Salad should you feel “cheesy”, If you should be in a paleo or slow carb diet you should go with the Harvest Chicken Salad).

Cool features: good customer service. Sauces and pickles bar.

4. McDonald’s

Although McDonald’s is often thought of as one of many biggest culprits of obesity, they also offer a wide selection of healthy choices to choose from. In recent years they have made some big changes to their menu, offering up numerous healthy options.

Some of their healthy options include the Grilled Chicken Classic sandwich, their 260-270-calorie snack wraps, the salad with Paul Newman low-fat balsamic vinaigrette, and a tasty yogurt-and-granola parfait. The snack wraps make an excellent low-fat lunch! Choose the grilled chicken for extra protein without plenty of unwanted carbs.

5. Chipotle Salad

Best healthy ingredients: Meats, Fajitas, Beans, Salsas, Guac, Lettuce. If you should be dieting for weight reduction, try to avoid: Sour Cream, Cheese.

Cool features: nice industrial decor, fresh lemon wedges, tabasco hot sauce bottles available to take to your table. Nice, courteous and helpful customer service.

Quick Tip: One simple tip that you should use to decrease the total amount of calories in any fast food meal is simply to drink water instead of soda. Soda is a HUGE source of hidden calories, often adding hundreds of extra calories to your meal. So making this one simple tweak will instantly make any meal healthier. For extra flavor, try adding a little lemon to your water or try some unsweetened iced tea.


Are Pizzas Healthy? Why Not?

Are Pizzas Healthy? Why Not?

Many individuals have sworn down about pizzas, wrongly thinking that pizza cannot be a healthier dish. Truth be told that pizza could be a healthy meal. Through this short article you’re offered some fundamental information regarding why pizza is “healthy” for eating.

Among the major gripes that some folks have seen related to pizza is so it has way too many calories. Truth be told as possible get a handle on the quantity of calories in a pizza by making time for the kind of bottom or crust that you employ and by making time for the forms of sauce and toppings that you set on the pizza.

How can it be healthy?

An easy method of making pizza healthy is to consume pizza it as a slim crust. Slim crust pizza are pizzas that’s have calories and hence different advantages to your health. Moreover, you possibly can make the beds base or crust itself a straight healthiest selection by utilizing rice dough. Certainly, in this very day and era a significant amount of people are seeking to apply rice cash on their pizza bottom or crust making their pizza healthy to eat since that action cuts down calories inside a pizza.

In addition, marinara form sauce, that’s utilized on many pizzas nowadays, is really a healthy meal on several levels. However, attention has to be paid on the amount and type of oil that’s used in this sauce. Nonetheless, not many different types of oil can be used in making this sauce except olive oil. Essential olive oil is really a great selection in that respect – essential olive oil in an appropriate amount can actually provide marvelous benefits for you.

Since more and more folks are getting worried making use of their food diets and their wellness, there really has been anything similar to a innovation as it pertains to pizza and pizza toppings. Kicking us off are a category or pies which are referred to as Colorado pizzas. These pizzas are created with an aim of keeping calories low within the body while maintaining its taste. Furthermore, perfect pizzas are good for a health conscious person.

Apparently, several Colorado model pizzas are major on new create as ingredients. In reality, it’s instead remarkable what forms of veggies is found on Colorado model pizzas in this very day and age. Folks are getting actually innovative as it pertains to Colorado model pizza today.

Self control is key

Eventually, you will need to remember that one of why pizza has sometimes previously been regarded a significantly less than a great  healthy diet as compared to other types of food is simply because persons have a tendency to around consume as it pertains to pizza.

Bottom line is that you should keep enjoying your pizza as much as possible but yet watching the portion of the size you’d want to take. Moreover, you should avoid overeating pizzas. Controlling the amount of pizza you eat is imperative since it determines the kind of healthy lifestyle you’ll live.